Saturday, June 24, 2006

Not much to say

There is not much to say..
How easily we say this statement...

How is work?
How is life?
How are u?
How is your son?
How is your daughter?
How is your new car?
How was the food?
How was the party?
How is the project coming up?

Ever asked any of these questions to any one u know? i am sure you would have....

The answer would be one of these mostly:
'Yes, going on'....
'Hmmm.. okay....'
If u notice, most of these will not take more than 1 minute... and the same question is posed back to u.. and u also answer one liners...
There are no open ended questions, no discussions apart from work. It is not because there is 'NOT MUCH TO SAY' but because there is 'NO TIME'...

people rarely say that there is a problem, because it will lead to a question and answer session where you have to talk and waste time... this leads to unfocussed , troubled minds, which means more of loss in focus and more of troubles...Most of the times..

People are BUSY always....

I dont understand this logic at all.. You have 24 hours in a day,you have time for office, its people, its parties, its gossips, its interviews, its reviews, its meetings, everything related to it, but no time to enjoy the benefits of the money it gets u. Forget benefits, basic food and sleep is sacrificed for work.
Why does this happen? Sometimes i feel, people will eat better if the company pays them for eating and sleeping also....

well forget it.. what is the point in writing this in a blog and putting this up on papers and books... people have NO TIME anyway...


Sowmya said...

People have no time - So true! Is it because they really have no time? Barely. They don't have time because the said activity is in their eyes not worthy of giving their precious time to.

People have NO TIME anyway - Well ... I do!

Sriram said...

:) Little confused - first you suggest people have no time for conversation and then you say people have time for gossip :D

Anyway I get your drift. Perhaps this will be a valid metaphor for the 21st century

Ever tried placing a phone call to yourself. Its always engaged.
We have all the time to place STD calls for all the nonsense in the world - gossip, rants, fights whatever.
But, we have no time to place a local call of introspection :)

Thats WHY all the problems you mention happen.

Do I have any suggestions :) None whatsoever.

Dominic Edison said...

I wont't agree that people don't have time. But we tend to pretend that we don't have time because that is what we call today's professionalism.

Check your friends mobile bills, that will tell how much time we spend in talking for all no reasons.

nithya said...

You know why we really dont have time, for the very reason that we want to finish tomorrow's work today such that tomorrow will be free for us to enjoy. But tomorrow will also be as today as we procrastinated a minute of today's work tomorrow. Too much in too less, well that all is the problem.

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