Thursday, May 25, 2006

Excuse me.........

Excuse me.....I will be back in a moment.
This is from a bright cell phone newbie..

Haachhooooo .......Excuse me......Haacchhh
The sneeze shook everyone in the office to reality...

Excuse me..... I have a doubt. "Why is the...".
This fellow goes on and on with questions between the meeting where every one else is trying to ward off sleep.

Excuse me..... I made a mistake.
A 'sincere' junior.

Excuse me......Come again.
A 'serious' learner.

I can think of a lot of instances when we use the words 'Excuse Me'. Still I cannot think of one reason why my senior friend didnt say this to us when we were busy solving an English crossword.

Over to the office desk... This friend of ours had apparently been waiting to talk something technical to us for a very long time and all of us were busy trying to solve an english crossword puzzle. He never said 'Excuse....' so we never got the chance to notice that he was around.

Unfortunately the issue he had come to discuss with us had been testing his patience since morning. After all the hard work over it, he wanted a one-minute clarification.

I looked around casually trying to solve one of the questions when I incidentally saw him waiting right behind us waiting for one of us to look back. We shifted gears quickly, got the job done for him, but then......

All he needed to have said was 'Excuse me' to avoid the impatience that usually accompanies the long wait to meet some one.. He didn't say and we didn't know.

So the next time you want your job done, remember to say 'Excuse me'.....

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