Simple and Quick Cooking

I am an advocate of quick and simple cooking.. some of my friends who are studying, working or are too busy in life, but are very bored eating out every day asked me to give out some tried and tested quick recipes. I have many promises to keep in this regard, so today just decided to start a new page and begin somewhere with some dish that I ate recently.

You are on the right page if:

1. You are bored eating outside food.
2. You cant spend too much time in the kitchen, but love to eat.
3. You need a change from your regular cooking routine.
4. You like to explore cooking like I do.
5. You are not a perfectionist, but want to eat tasty stuff.
6. You don't have rigid rules when it comes to cooking.
7. You appreciate different taste and way of cooking.
8. You are particular about eating something every four hours in a day.

All the recipes in this page are the ones I have tried myself mostly. The source of the idea may be from hear- says, books, television, trial and errors, or the Internet - but presently worded in my own language and based on my own style of cooking. If you make the same dish in a different way, do let me know. Would love to try anything new. None of the dishes I write about here will have Mushrooms, Eggs, Mayonnaise, or Baking Soda and the likes  - simply because I have chosen not to eat these. All the dishes are strictly vegetarian.

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